Friday, November 7, 2008

On Tuesday evening, while watching this significant and historic moment for both the US and the world, I was truly moved. As I watched the faces of those present during the acceptance speech, I began to draw on what I imagined would be the faces I have seen in my travels when they heard the news. I shuddered as the President Elect called to the world listening in and as he spoke to "those who are huddled around radios in those forgotten corners of the world."

Images of the children, of our workers, and of the many friends made were conjured up and I saw them, as I saw them every day in Uganda, huddled around radios to hear news of the world. I could picture their excitement and glee over this day. The next day's text and email messages confirmed this as my Ugandan friends sent me congratulatory and rejoiceful greetings.

The whole world has their eyes on us, looking to us with admiration and hope and with renewed faith in our country. In one evening, everything changed.

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