Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wono muzungu!

This is a great video!

Back a few months ago, Andie and I were sitting in the shade at the school, while our fantastic builders were working on the kitchen. A few children came over to play with us as they do most days. This day in particular was hilarious and unforgettable because the children just noticed that they could see our reflection in my sunglasses and later in Andie's camera.

They pointed and yelled in excitement as they do when a muzungu (European/traveller/white person) walks or drives by, "Wono muzungu!" This is normal and very cute behavior upon seeing a mzungu. However, this time was unique and wonderful in that we had been sitting with these children for a good 15 minutes; the mzungu excitement had passed for all intents and purposes and we were back to good old fun and games.

I certainly could not control my laughter when the muzungu siting thrill was reignited as Andie and I suddenly reappeared in a pair of sunglasses and a camera screen. Talk about priceless...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In one week, I'll be on a plane again! This will be my fourth trip to Uganda. This trip is particularly exciting because I'm flying with 2 others on their first visit. My sister, Amanda, will be with me through the entire five weeks. I will finally be able to share with her my life over there. Also, board member, Joe Charchalis, is coming over for 2 weeks! Joe has been so involved with BULA from the very beginning. I'm so happy he now has the opportunity to see what his work over the years has accomplished.

I told the kids that I was bringing a friend and my sister when I came back in May. They were all so excited about this, particularly, because I've talked about my sister a lot being that she's getting married this year and that I am asked about my family constantly. As I was bidding my farewell in March, one of the girls told me (with a suppressed smile), "come back with Amanda or don't bother." Fortunately, my sister followed through with her promise to come. Had she not, well who knows what this head strong girl would have thought!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

BULA Falls Down the Rabbit Hole

One of my greatest friends from High School owns a cute little wine boutique in Sayville, NY: Down the Rabbit Hole Wines. The shop is full of personality and delicious wine all thanks to the owner, my dear friend, Suzy McDonald.

Founding BULA in a similar time frame, Suzanne and I have shared a lot over the recent years on the trials and triumphs of pursuing your own venture. It's been nothing short of fantastic to be able to do so! Watching her create her innovative and visionary idea into the success it is today has been amazing. My only disappointment is that I was in Uganda at the shop's opening!

Now that the two of us are well established in our respective work, we decided to team up in what we hope to be a series of successful events. We will call them BULA Falls Down the Rabbit Hole. The events as planned will raise awareness and funds for BULA's cause and allow Suzy to share her amazing talent for wine to those who share her passion, taste and enjoyment of it.

We held our first event this past weekend at La Tavola (in Sayville) and it was a tremendous success. Not only did Suzanne do a tremendous job in selecting wine and delivering its true sense to the guests, but La Tavola mastered the event with attentive staff, delicous food, and beautiful decor.

I owe much of the success of the event to Suzanne and I's mutual friend, Diana Flynn. Diana cooridinated the entire event and I must commend her on a job well done. In short, it was a great event and I'm so looking forward to more in the future.

In a similar, but more casual format, we will be holding another event in 2 days at The Grey Horse Tavern in Bayport, NY. If anyone is interested in attending, please contact me at bulainc@gmail.com! Should be another great evening!