Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In one week, I'll be on a plane again! This will be my fourth trip to Uganda. This trip is particularly exciting because I'm flying with 2 others on their first visit. My sister, Amanda, will be with me through the entire five weeks. I will finally be able to share with her my life over there. Also, board member, Joe Charchalis, is coming over for 2 weeks! Joe has been so involved with BULA from the very beginning. I'm so happy he now has the opportunity to see what his work over the years has accomplished.

I told the kids that I was bringing a friend and my sister when I came back in May. They were all so excited about this, particularly, because I've talked about my sister a lot being that she's getting married this year and that I am asked about my family constantly. As I was bidding my farewell in March, one of the girls told me (with a suppressed smile), "come back with Amanda or don't bother." Fortunately, my sister followed through with her promise to come. Had she not, well who knows what this head strong girl would have thought!

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