Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wono muzungu!

This is a great video!

Back a few months ago, Andie and I were sitting in the shade at the school, while our fantastic builders were working on the kitchen. A few children came over to play with us as they do most days. This day in particular was hilarious and unforgettable because the children just noticed that they could see our reflection in my sunglasses and later in Andie's camera.

They pointed and yelled in excitement as they do when a muzungu (European/traveller/white person) walks or drives by, "Wono muzungu!" This is normal and very cute behavior upon seeing a mzungu. However, this time was unique and wonderful in that we had been sitting with these children for a good 15 minutes; the mzungu excitement had passed for all intents and purposes and we were back to good old fun and games.

I certainly could not control my laughter when the muzungu siting thrill was reignited as Andie and I suddenly reappeared in a pair of sunglasses and a camera screen. Talk about priceless...

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