Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I just returned from an amazing trip to Uganda. Though short, itt was one of the most uplifting and reaffirming thus far. These five weeks made evident that our vision for change and for truly making a difference in the lives of those that need it most is more than just a vision, it is now a reality. Positivity, hope and pride radiated from all those at the children's home and at the school. Im truly elated and only further motivated

At BULA Children's Home, I returned to find happy and healthy children on their school holiday break. I reviewed their school performances and found excellent marks and improvements in those children who sometimes struggle. I also had the fortune of coming just after many of them had just been reunited with family and guardians for the first time in years and was thrilled to hear them speak of their experiences and their loved ones. I picked several of them up from their former homes deep in the villages of Uganda and got to meet many of these family members. Some of the most amazing experiences of my life occurred in those visits. To top it all off, we finally received word that the home had been officially registered as an NGO in Uganda. Things are fantastic.

Within this trip, Andie and I visited St. Kizito Primary school on several occasions. This has been most refreshing as the school is prospering. The teachers and adminstration are really doing a fantastic job there. Enrollment is increasing and its so exciting to see. We hung loads of artwork up in the classrooms from the various participating schools on Long Island and watched as students eagerly and artfully returned the gester. So much fun!

We spent several days tourring other primary schools around in search of our next primary school out there. There are plenty that need our help and we cannot wait to do share with them all that we can.

It was an incredible trip. As always, the hardest part was leaving. I will greatly miss everyone!

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