Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm the worst blogger ever. Seriously... 3 months? what is that??? I apologize to anyone who checked more than once. I will try to do a better job.

In fairness, I spent the last 2+ months in Uganda with minimal access to the internet and limited communication with the States while fighting a long battle against a crazy man. The battle is ongoing with Andie and a team of unbelievably strong and committed individuals in Uganda fighting on our side. I, on the other hand, am back in the good old U S of A to tell you all what happened!

So...we now run a children's home in Uganda. We don't just support one, we actually run it. This is what happens when you show up in a village to determine whether or not the Director of a Children's home, who has been misusing all funds directed to the children, is ready to cooperate and work for the kids he claims to be helping and you find that you cannot even make that inquiry. You instead find that these children are sneaking out of the home to see you. This is what happens when the children tell you (and you see) how little they've been eating and how the director, their so-called "uncle", is abusing them both physically and psychologically. Heartbreaking, ridiculous and unacceptable. So we did something about it.

For those organizations and individuals out there who formerly supported Kinship House and Director, Ben Ssenoga, (and for those who perhaps still do) and haven't yet heard the news: Kinship House no longer exists!!! The children are now in a new home in the care of our organization and of Kinship's other directors: Stephen, John, and Dan. For more details, refer to our website: where our newsletters are posted and where we will soon disclose more details about their new living situation.

Thank you to all who have supported us during this rocky transition.

One of the children told me during the height of the chaos and fear, "Sister, my motto is to never give up!" Let me tell you...we never will and neither will these kids.

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