Wednesday, October 15, 2008


BULA's investment in Education is manifesting itself in so many ways here in the States. This month has been and continues to be a very real reflection of that. This morning, we will be meeting with former teachers in the community in order to develop after school programs for the children at St. Kizito. We will be asking ourselves many questions such as:

How do you develop a lesson that is creative, exciting, and effective without any materials at your disposal?

This question may be somewhat irrevelant in the near future much to our good fortune and more so to the incredible generosity of our supporters! Several Teachers and School Districts have graciously offered us their expired materials. Among many offerings, we have a classroom full of books and teaching tools. We have been approached on various occassions for the donation of even more. We will be arriving to Uganda in the coming months with full sets of text books, counters, math games, reading programs, letter blocks and more!

To close the month and begin the next, BULA will be guest speaking at the NYS United Teachers Suffolk and Nassau Leadership Conferences. We look forward to sharing our experiences of education in Uganda with those committed to the education of children right here on Long Island! This should be an exciting opportunity to forge even stronger bonds with the surrounding school communities!

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