Friday, April 3, 2009

Incredible potential for development lies in communication. The rise of cell phone use helps to facilitate various aspects of daily life and business. This is particularly important in areas of minimal access to transport (be it proximity or income) and with widespread poor roads. The ability to make a call as opposed to delivering information in person, can obviously then speed up production dramatically.

With every trip to Uganda, I see more and more individuals and households with mobile phones. Beyond encouraging more effective communication it also provides the opportunity for more business opportunities. Phone charging stations are everywhere along with nearly every shop, regardless of its product, having airtime (minutes) available for purchase, supplementing their income.

When I'm in Uganda, this makes work on the construction site so much easier! When I'm home and Andie is in Uganda, it means I can talk to her as if she was in New York! This allows us to move forward steadily, remaining in constant contact, updating each other on our respective progress.

Obulamu bulungi! (Life is good!)

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